Monday, August 31, 2015


           Remember, you can always put your hands in your pockets and walk away.

I think of that quote every time someone irritates me or says or writes something hurtful. I have done just that even before I read the quote and have felt better for it. Sometimes I have walked far away and stayed away, the relationship sadly unable to be repaired. With other people just a little time apart helps. The most challenging times have been when I, through a sense of duty, have to continue to be around someone and interact with them. I say to myself, "Well, I'll just pull up my big girl panties." (I like that phrase.)

It's odd but when a person is hurtful my vision of them comes into focus. Through my mind passes the thought:Ah, that is what she/he is. That is ______. And any illusion I have had about this person's morals, ethics, any looking away from what the real person is......stops.

This may all seem disjointed and you the reader do not know what the hell I am writing about in particular. Someone has written a blog post that has attacked me and someone I love. In writing it he has "come into focus" for me. 

So my hands are nestled in my pockets as I walk away forever.